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EnergizeOlympics is an inter-corporate sports tournament featuring both indoor and outdoor sports. Cricket is one of the most popular sports of India and the Indian spirit has adapted cricket to be played in a multitude of ways. Sign up with a team of 5 to play your favourite sport - Cricket.

Trophies for the winner and runner up & gold, silver and bronze medals for the top three teams will be awarded and the company that scores the highest points over the course of all the sporting events, in the tournament, wins the overall trophy.


Embassy Manyata Business Park, Bangalore

  • DATE11th& 12thOctober, 2023
  • TIME8 AM onwards
  • VENUETiger Five Sports Arena

Embassy 247, Mumbai

  • DATE11th& 12thOctober, 2023
  • TIME8 AM onwards
  • VENUEHuddle Arena, Chembur West

Embassy TechVillage, Bangalore

  • DATE22nd & 23rd November, 2023
  • TIME8 AM onwards
  • VENUECentral Park

Rules & Regulations for Cricket:

1. All players in a team should belong to the same company.

2. There will be 2 substitutes per team.

3. It will be a 2 day event.

4. It will be 5 overs innings for league. The semis & the finals will be 6 overs innings.

5. Any 2 bowlers can bowl 2 overs. A wicket keeper is mandatory.

6. Only 2 fielders are allowed beyond the wicket line at the bowler’s end. Maximum of 2 fielders are allowed on legside.

7. Runs are counted for wides and no-balls and a free hit is given for a no-ball.

8. No runs for byes and leg-byes. No LBW. No substitute runner is allowed.

9. If the ball touches the side net or top net and then touches the straight net then it is treated as boundary 4. If the ball touches the straight net without touching the side nets or top net then it is treated as boundary 6.

10. Other than the 1st over, the batting side can choose any over as a super over. In this over, every run scored is doubled; if a wicket falls, Each out will carry a penalty of -5 runs.

11. Last wicket batting is permitted with a runner.

12. In case of a tie, each team will bowl and bat a super over for the knockout matches to decide a winner.

13. Wearing of shoes by all players is mandatory.

14. Organiser can manage the rules according to time constraints, if any, to complete the matches as per schedule.

15. Umpire's decision will be final.