An Embassy Office Park is not merely a workspace—it is a space built on relationships with our clients, who share our passion for excellence. It is a workspace built for success.

Today, we are the single largest private office park portfolio in India, spread out over 33 million sq.ft. of operational business parks and city-centric assets and 13 million sq.ft. is ongoing and future development.

Our focus has always remained the same – to engage communities within our parks and deliver a productive, world-class environment for our occupiers. When we build our parks, we don’t just create productive workspaces, we create business communities where people with similar professional and personal goals can come together and engage in the unique environment we provide. Each of our parks is a physical manifestation of our goal of building communities that are platforms for productivity and innovation.

We operate Business Parks in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and NCR. Fortune 500 companies such as JP Morgan, Google and Microsoft form a part of our 160 marquee tenant base.

We believe that people who work out of spaces that satisfy both their professional expectations and personal interests are happy and productive employees.

What really differentiates Embassy Office Parks is the scale and quality of our business which has given us a market leading position, making our properties a preferred office location in each of the respective submarkets and allows us to offer consolidation and expansion options for our tenants. Our leaders have a clear vision, and their approach helps us execute our parks in a way that accommodates and leverages future trends. This foresight forms the backbone of Embassy Office Parks, and helps us navigate our way towards delivering excellence.


The awards we have received over the years inspire us to continue excelling at what we do.
These are some of the major awards we have received over the years.
  • Brand Extraordinaire Embassy Group Commercial
  • Times Business Awards 2018 Most Environment Friendly Commercial / Office Space - Embassy Manyata
  • British Safety Council Sword of Honour Award 2017 Embassy Manyata and Embassy TechZone won the British Safety Council- Sword of Honour Award
  • Vestian FM Zone India Leadership Awards 2012 – Embassy GolfLinks
  • CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Awards 2010 Best Commercial Property In Southern Region - Embassy GolfLinks
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards in FY 2017 Best Commercial Renovation/ Redevelopment in India – Express Towers


At Embassy Office Parks, we are very aware of our responsibility to the environment. All of our decisions from development to delivery are driven by our focus on sustainability.

Right from rain-water harvesting systems to architectural techniques that not only maintain harmony with, but also leverage the surrounding environment, we ensure that our infrastructure is an example of buildings that meet international standards while remaining environmentally accountable.

Alternative sources of energy have always played a major role in shaping the way we plan our projects. Through our Rooftop Solar Power Project, we are exploring the possibility of installing rooftop solar plants in all of our parks. The energy generated from these plants will help reduce the overall grid energy usage.

As a pilot project, a 450 kW plant is being installed in Embassy Manyata in Bangalore of which 105 kW is currently operational. This project is expected to generate about 710,000 units of solar energy. The overall rooftop solar potential for the entire portfolio is estimated at over 5,000 kW with an annual generation capacity of over 9,000,000 units.

Our partners share the same commitment towards the environment. We are currently in the process of establishing power purchase agreements with renewable energy developer partners.

Our partners will set up renewable energy projects and supply energy to Embassy Office Parks through an open access scheme, with the objective of enhancing the overall renewable energy usage component to over 50% in all office parks, over the next two years.

In yet another sustainable initiative, Green Rider’ programme was launched by Embassy Services in October 2017 with an aim to reduce vehicular traffic and carbon footprints released by the vehicles entering in and out Embassy Office Parks through ride sharing. The program tied up with three carpool app service providers –

Quickride, sRide and W’heal Our World. So far over 35,000 working out of the business parks are now registered carpoolers. And it doesn’t stop there. We have some of the best companies in the world housed in our parks, and their employees share their vision of sustainability. Keeping in line with our Green philosophy, our car parking is fitted with electrical points for convenient charging of eco-friendly cars.

In addition, we also provide cycles at some of our parks to ensure a green and easy commute for park users, within the park. Embassy TechZone also has a dedicated cycling lane

In all the activities we undertake, the focus has been to remain relevant and forward-thinking, and our approach towards the environment continues to remain a primary focus.
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