Investor Relations Manager (Short-term Contract)

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Location: Bengaluru

Data update as per latest quarterly results. Currently updated as of September 30, 2020 and excludes recently completed Embassy TechVillage Acquisition.

Role Overview

  • This is a front line and investor-facing role which shall be for a short-term contractual period of six months, from January 2021 to July 2021.
  • The position has a close interaction with the senior executive team of Embassy REIT including CEO, CFO, CIO and COO of the REIT manager. The position plays a key role role in supporting the REIT investment thesis effectively to all stakeholders including investors (unitholders), bondholders, research analysts and media, among others.

Key Responsibilities

  • External:
  • host institutional investors on asset tours and site visits; lead all aspects of tour including briefings, coordinating logistics, site visits and follow up including senior management
  • actively engage with research analyst community and answer all queries; where necessary, direct questions appropriately to senior management
  • travel to conferences and investor meetings, as required
  • coordinate major IR events, such as the AGM, Analyst Day and other Unitholder events, as required
  • Infrastructure:
  • coordinate and support the preparation of all quarterly reporting materials, including earnings presentation, transcripts, faq and related documents; Work with finance team to ensure seamless update of all financial materials on website, and drat and maintain centralized documentation internal sharesite
  • run all IR infrastructure, including website maintenance, unitholder register monitoring, analyst report tracking and keeping abreast of developments in Indian real estate, and global REIT markets
  • work with leasing team to ensure all industry data the REIT presents is up to date and accurate
  • maintain and track all investor meeting notes in online system: ensure timely delivery of meeting notes and summaries to all stakeholders, including REIT management, sponsors, and the Nominee and Independent members of the Board of the Manager
  • prepare marketing and compliance-documents including and not limited to press releases, annual reports, semi-annual reports, unitholder analysis and board materials, among others
  • liaise with internal compliance team to support timely submission of all regulatory notices to regulators and stock exchanges
  • Fundraising and Acquisitions:
  • work with senior management and CIO’s team on acquisition strategy; devise appropriate messaging around potential acquisitions including strategic fit, financial impact, unitholder engagement, optimal capital structure and other advisory initiatives
  • work extensively with investment banks, lawyers, auditor and other advisors on executing acquisitions and related fundraising, including document preparation, financial analysis, investor roadshow coordination (and attendance), markets analysis, deal pricing and aftermarket engagement
  • coordinate updates on above points to all stakeholders as appropriate

Qualifications and Work Experience:

  • CA/ MBA is a must with 6-8 years of experience
  • Proven analytic ability and strong critical thinking skills

Knowledge, Skills and Competencies:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Highly motivated and self- directed
  • Excellent presentation and writing skills
  • Planning, organizing and document management skills
  • Initiative and ability to take independent judgment
  • Ability to partner well and work effectively in a complex environment
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving abilities
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